Wednesday, April 16, 2008


                                              Duke Gardens, Durham, North Carolina

Spring is my favorite time of year. The birds find their creative voice again, the dull gray landscape begins to wear a cloak of soft greens and I know life can be good even in the worst of circumstances.

We shiver and struggle through the winter months of our lives, wondering what possibly exists within us that will give us warmth and sustenance. The discouragement and pain builds as ice forms on the world around us. The future looks bleak, the present a frozen mass of disappointment. But we hunker down, draw the blanket around us, stoke the fire and turn inward.

Sometimes it's frightening to find ourselves so focused on our own pain..on the cold that bears down relentlessly upon us and yet, it is within ourselves alone that we will find the strength to go on, to take our next step, to find the courage to shuck off the blanket when the sun peaks through a late winter cloud.

If your winter has been bleak, if life continues to fray your edges, don't be afraid to turn inward. To pull back from the ravages of winter and keep yourself warm for just a little longer holding tight to the promises of Spring -- of rebirth -- of knowing you are of the same creation as the nature that is starting to sing once again. Time heals. Just like the trees find the life force to bud and bloom each year, so too can we, in time, survive the winter of our lives and step once again into the warmth of summer.

Excerpt from my book "Saying Goodbye to Mom - Reflections on Life after Fifty" 
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