Monday, August 3, 2009

Ah....Boring Routine!

I am really not a person who likes routine. In fact, I am supremely restless, much like my mother before me. I love a new project and I love switching gears. At least I used to! It seems the older I get the more I fall prey to stress and change and change and stress. Going away for a weekend used to leave me refreshed and ready to start it more often than not just leaves me tired and ready for a weekend.

This summer has been one weekend after another with company and weddings and this and that. Since returning from Virginia on Sunday I have been adrift. Tired, out of sorts, unable to focus on my work with any enthusiasm. I kept telling myself maybe this is the time to just do nothing for awhile. Let your body, mind and soul recover. But I'm not very good at doing nothing.

At last, this morning, I fell into an old routine. It was quite by accident. I pulled up a job I had been putting off and sunk my teeth in it. The familiarity of it, the expectation of near completion, the easiness of it felt good and right and comfortable. I began to plug away and relax simultaneously.

Boring routine can be good to help us find our way back to ourselves.

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