Thursday, January 7, 2010

You Won't Want to Miss It

Last night Women Etcetera! held the first ever conference call. This one was designed to introduce newcomers to what it's like to be a part of WE and to invite them to join.  Suzanne, Sue Ann and CJ hosted the call, explaining how WE came to be and what it has meant to each of them. I'll tell you just a bit about it here, but when it becomes available, as it will, on an audio download, you won't want to miss it!

Whenever the women of Women Etcetera! get together something happens. There's an energy, an excitement, a deep connection that permeates the   room...and the air waves. There is a heartfelt connection that has it's arms wide open to embrace anyone who wants to enter in. You can't help but laugh until tears run down your cheeks, sometimes cry and always feel uplifted. At last, you know you're not alone. There are women who understand where you have been and where you're going and they want to be there with you to share the journey.

Women Etcetera! is not like any other women's group I have ever been a part of. They're attitude is not businesslike, although they are business savy, they are not silly, although they know how to laugh, they are not competitive with one another, although they know how to get things done. They are real. They are present. They care. They are what women were meant to be.

Listen in when you get a chance. It's worth the time.

I will post the link when it's available.  

(Photos from top to bottom:  Suzanne Caplan, Sue Ann Crocket & CJ Golden) 

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