Thursday, March 11, 2010

Grateful for Intuition

I just read a quote on Twitter that went something like "I am grateful for intuition. It's all I need." It struck me because for the past 24 hours I have been thinking about that very thing.

I remember not that long ago - four or five years - when I still belonged to a health club, every day I would go to the club, get on the elliptical or walking machine, my music strapped to my head and  playing  loudly, and begin to move...until I was in a comfortable, meditative rhythm. I'd focus on the large full tree that sat outside the window off in a distance and lose myself in the process.

That tree...there was something about the size and shape...that was somehow spiritual and symbolic and easy to focus on. Many days, as I followed the rhythm of my body, at one with the music and the tree... the word "write" would come to my mind. "Write." "Just write." It didn't surprise me or alarm me, after all I always thought that I would like to write, but I wasn't and didn't really know what all that entailed beyond my customary journal. That inner voice carried more weight in those moments than my own thought processes.

I look back on that experience now and see it as the guidance of...what? inner voice? my intuition? God? Spirit? Whatever it was or is, I somehow knew at the time that it was a voice beyond my own rational thoughts and consequently more demanding of attention.

It took me time to follow the dictates of my inner guide, but as I did, the truth of it become more complete and real and powerful. I believe we all have an inner truth that we are meant to listen to -- much more often and regularly than we do. Some call it intuition, some the voice of God. It doesn't matter what we call it. It only matters that we listen to it.

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