Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

March Madness has come to an end for another year and Duke has won the tournament title. I love my team but Butler is to be respected and like in the movies part of me wanted them to win. Every time I watch a game where the fans are rooting for the underdog I can't help but wonder why we so instinctively love the underdog. Do we feel so beaten that we don't know how to feel like winners?  Is it that we can't identify with a wining mentality? I feel quite certain that the Duke team cared just as much as the Butler team - they worked just as hard - it was a unique experience for them as well.

Could it be that it's about recognition and not winning? Do we identify with the underdog because we feel we could be winners too if the world would only recognize us? I just find it a curious phenomenon. It pains me to watch a team like this Duke team - that is nothing outstanding in the talent arena - but just a team that played with heart and determination and made the most of the gifts they had been given - be the butt of disparaging comments, such as that thrown out on Fox News last night before the game when my buddy Shepperd said "everyone knows Duke had the easiest road to the Final Four - that's just a fact". Is it? No, it's just another man's opinion. This spills into the arena of the reliability of "news" these days. I'm not ready to go there today.

Congratulations Duke Blue Devils - used made it!

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