Friday, March 20, 2009

Pal or President

I've really enjoyed the reprieve from our heated political debates. However, I honestly can't remain silent on this one.

Our dear President does have more pressing things to be concerned with than traveling the late night talk show circuit and filling out NCAA brackets. I am a Duke fan, but even if I weren't, I'd second Coach K's comments, loudly and boldly.

The young people in our country appreciate President Obama's "relevance", but at a time when many, many people are suffering from the burdens of unemployment, ill health and stress due to a lack of a functioning health care system, children who can't get into their state college because they are filling up faster as out of state tuition is no longer's not time for fun and games.

The people who are struggling don't want to see a happy, carefree President. Relevance only goes so far and I for one would feel a lot better if our illustrious President were smiling so much and had circles under his eyes. It make me feel like he cares enough to suffer as much as we are.

1 comment:

Barbara Parker said...

I am struggling and I do want to see a happy president. I feel he is working hard and considers my situation. This is more than I can say for our previous guy!

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