Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I honestly appreciate that President Obama is trying to keep things on the positive side. We were all annoyed with him when he was talking fear. But I think that it's important that he set himself a part from the average person to some extent. Isn't that an important element of a good leader? We need to respect him, look up to him, trust him, not be his best buddy and pal. We don't need to think he's cool. We just need to think he's smart and trustworthy.

I like that he's going against the grain of ordinary politicians. Most people are relieved about that. But a President's time must be very limited and I'd like to see him spend his limited resources in a constructive way. I'm just not sure the talk show circuit is the way. But perhaps he's looking for a variety of venues that will reach a variety of people that the ordinary route doesn't. So that being said, the jury's still out.

Enough of politics!

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