Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wandering Life's Shores

I've been away. Wandering the shores of my life's discontent. I wish I could say I had found something along the way. But I haven't. Not yet. No new insights or flashes of inspiration have woven their way into my tired psyche. Instead the hum drum of every day life, as it is wheedles away at my resolve, wreaks havoc on my devotion to the truth.

There are times in life...too many of them to my way of thinking...when things seem not to be going anywhere, no matter how hard one tries. Lying back and listening to the breeze of relentless thoughts that filter through the debris of daily routine, only works slightly to nudge loose a pertinent reflection that had gotten wedged between yesterday and tomorrow. But there is not even enough of a spark worth blowing on.

I hold the slightest hope in the recesses of my soul, of what only appears to be dumb numbness, that the winds of change will break loose the boulders of resistance and allow a new beginning to emerge. In the meantime there is nothing more to do but wait.

1 comment:

bestmommy said...

Beautiful writing and picture-what beach is it?

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