Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Out of the darkness and into the light....It's chilly here but no snow. I think I'd cry if it were to snow on the delicate spring foliage - they're calling for a freeze tonight so I'll be out in the yard with queen size sheets covering the azaleas. But I can't cover the large Dogwood in my front yard or the ones throughout the city. So I'll hope and pray the damage is minimal.

We wait a whole year for the nature to put on its display this time of year. It's spectacular, a feast to the eyes, nourishment for the soul. I wish everyone, everywhere could spend a few weeks in North Carolina -- especially those who have lost hope, or who feel discouraged with life -- I know they would feel better when they left.

If we're lucky we'll escape the frost and by Easter the rebirth will be in full swing. People always complain that Easter is just based on a pagan ritual -- as if that dilutes its meaning -- and therefore has little validity. But what perfect companions, Easter and's easier to believe in rebirth and resurrection when everything around you is doing just that. We are a cynical people and it's to our own detriment. Hope is not truly hope when it's based on something concrete and visible. We limit life. We narrow our focus and refuse to let in the spectacular, the vivid, the miraculous because our small little minds don't understand...therefore, it is not true.

But the glory of spring is evident and evidence and I try to take it in, absorb it, relish it, immerse my heart and soul in I have a little something tangible to carry me forward when it is gone. It is not always perfect. It is not always complete, but it always is. On that, we can depend.

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