Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Swiftness of Time

I don't suppose it's possible to walk through life totally conscious of what we're doing...but if we could I think we wouldn't do 3/4 of what we do. I think we'd work harder to do all the things that are really important to ourselves and others, the things that leave an imprint; not those mindless, soul numbing activities we opt to do instead.

Every now and then throughout my life I have felt such swift movement of time. Like, wow! where did those ten years go. I had my nose to the grindstone, dealing with life, acting and mostly reacting to all that was taking place, big chunks of time slipped by almost imperceptibly.

I would feel a sense of loss when I came up for air, at the opportunities missed, the choices I maybe should have made and didn't, because of fear or lack of foresight, or lack of time to think. I am grateful for much and have experienced much...but, ah, there was so much more in each of those moments and hours now gone!

If there was just one thing I could impart to my children and the young people of the world it would pay attention. Pay close attention and get the most out of every minute of life. It goes by so fast. We've all heard that said, but sometimes it hits me like a ton of bricks how very true it is.

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