Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Making Choices

Life demands so much from each of us every day. It doesn't matter whether we are doing what we love or have found ourselves in circumstances we hate. We still have to face each day, look fear and uncertainty in the eye, and move forward. Our path is seldom crystal clear, even if we have an inkling of direction. The water is just murky enough to give us pause.

It really doesn't matter if we are someone who forges forward with gusto or a person who plods along agonizing over each step. The course is the same. We must make choices every day. Simple, complex, insignificant, monumental choices. Each piling up, one upon the other, left answered or unanswered to become what is to be, and has been, our lives.

Most of the time there are no obvious right or wrong choices, just many shades of gray that we squint to discern. Perhaps if we chose to give up squinting and trying to "see the answer", and instead, closed our eyes completely, we might then hear the voice of our hearts. That is where the answers lie. But it is a quiet voice, that speaks more often in feelings and nuances than bold statements. It requires us to be utterly still to hear.

In the stillness we will find the truth of our lives. We will find the best answer to our decisions. We will find our direction. It may take traveling through a layer of pain and disappointment and the debris left by lost hope and shattered dreams, but beneath....beneath, is where the answers lie.

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