Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Facing a Blank Screen

Facing a blank screen each morning gives a writer the opportunity to ponder; to ask themselves what is important in life, what is of value. A writer has an opportunity to make a difference in someone's life by the words they place on the page and, most definitely, the order. The moment you face a blank screen you have a powerful sense of possibility and hope.

In just the same way we are given a blank screen each morning when we first away and the day stretches out ahead of us. We can choose to use the day doing what we always do, following well worn paths and comfortable routines, or we can do something radically different. It is entirely up to us.

Every day we are given an opportunity. The opportunity is time and moments strung together that we mold and shape and turn into our life. Too often we feel as if we do not have a choice about what we do with those minutes and hours of our day. But the reality is, we do. At least here, in this country, in this time, each and everyone of us is totally free to turn the days of our lives into something beautiful, powerful, and meaningful. We can create a canvas or a story that gives something back to the world, something unique, something good.

Or we can go on living the way we always have, bound by our decision habits...our fears...and letting time slip through our fingers.

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