Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow in North Carolina!

We received a beautiful white fluffy snowfall of 7 inches here in the sunny south. This cold and snowy winter has been a real treat for me. Every thing is closed down and I'm enjoying the slowdown in activity. The major roads are passable but no other roads will be plowed. We usually sit and wait for the sun to melt it before things get back to normal. With the cold temperatures predicted for the next few days, it may be awhile. How does 60 degrees two days ago turn to snow and cold! 

1 comment:

donna_m_webb said...

I live in Wisconsin, where snow is the norm. We are watching all these states get hit so mercylessly this winter, and for us it is WI winter as usual! I have kids in the south, in NC, TN, got snow, one in IN same, but they usually get what we do anyhow. The In son said yesterday that his wife may be getting a job in Phoenix....I said I ain't visiting! Too hot for me! Anyhow, beautiful dog in the photo! You have certainly moved around a bit. My husband is self-employed and works on homes. He hasn't worked in awhile because he had an accident in July, and has been on the mend since then. Well, better go check on mom, bout bedtime! I'll be back to read more of your blog!

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